What do you understand by Lockers?

For the safety of your valuables things, everyone needs a secure place and we provide our locker facility with trustworthy space to store them. There is a nominal annual rent (which needs to pay in advance), which depends upon the size of the locker and the center at which the branch is located.

At the time of hiring the locker, bank will obtain a minimum security deposit from the lessee which will be decided by the bank from time to time
Locker can be transferred to inter branch in case of availability.
Locker can be transferred to inter branch in case of availability.
They are available in various sizes according to the requirements.
Locker facility is provided by the bank at its selected branches
Allotment of lockers is on first – come – first served basis.

Locker A

₹ 5000/-


Locker B

₹ 10000/-


Locker c

₹ 15000/-


Terms and Conditions

  • The holder of the locker is allowed to add or delete names from the series of individuals who can run the Locker and can use it.
  • The lockers comes in various sizes and the rate of rent is different according to the size of the locker. All rents are payable beforehand within due date.
  • Operations will be permitted only in the declared hours of business.
  • Please make sure whether your Locker is closed properly, before leaving it.
  • Facility like nomination is present for Safe Deposit Lockers.
  • Customers can have an individual as well as joint locker account.
  • Locker will be given depending on the availability. It is good to open an account in the name of all locker holders linked to our bank for debiting locker rent.